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Client Testimonials

These testimonials have been published with permission.  If you add a testimonial and would rather it was not published then please don't be shy to put that in your comments.  I just wanted to share a few because I'm quite proud of them and I hope it goes to prove how serious I am about my chosen profession and just how important YOU and YOUR well being are to me.

"....ha ha ha!!!  Dooo it!!!  We had a blast!  7 of us in one room and only 2 didn't see much :)  It was incredible peeps.   I didn't believe before but now I do.   Thanks Freya for having the party, the wine was awesome, but the 'time travelling' was even better .   Thank you for what you did Ellen, it was a lot of fun and I even went and checked up on some stuff and it was real :)  so happy THANK YOU!!...."

- Jessicqa T.,  Prospect, South Australia

"Just DO IT!  For yourself as well as your loved ones.  If you have the chance to create a better life for yourself why would you hold yourself back?  It took me a long time to even believe hypnosis would work for me and now I think I'm a hypno junkie, if there is such a thing. I now use self hypnosis almost every single day and it has changed my complete outlook on everything!  Work, life, kids, the whole lot just seem sort of clearer now.  Maybe because now I believe in myself and feel like I am worthy of being happy.  Thanks so much Elle.  and anyone out there that reads this, if you have time and you really want to do something just for YOU, then grab it when you can. xx "

- Karen S.,  Melbourne, Victoria

"Being able to talk with someone about my personal problems and actually be heard was such a relief. Your non judgmental approach and professionalism made me feel comfortable too. I was embarrassed and unsure about talking to a woman but you put me so at ease and, I'm happy to say, thing are really looking up. Thanks again"

- Craig, Adelaide, South Australia

"I can't thank you enough Ellen.  When I realised how much I was self sabotaging and preventing myself from being happy it was like a whole weight lifted.  Thank you so much. Love and Light."

- Belinda, Salisbury North, South Australia


"Seeing my daughter go through a whole day without her 'accidents' is something I never thought would happen."

- Deb, Wodonga West,  Victoria


"I really didn't think this would work for me, nothing else had.  Now, two years later and I'm still not smoking!  It's nice not to have to stress about finding all that money to buy smokes, let alone the stress I was starting to feel about my health.  Thanks heaps Ellen."

- Garry, Wodonga, Victoria

"Doing a Past Life Regression was so incredibly eye opening.  I checked up on some of the things I 'saw' and found things were real!!! Imagine my excitement.  I can't wait to do it again one day soon.  Thanks for the experience :)

- Liz, Munno Para, South Australia

"I am as skeptical as the next person and didn't think Hypnosis would help me at all.  I'd been struggling for so long on my own.  Now I can say I am healthier and happier than I have been in about 20 years.  It didn't happen immediately, took about 3 sessions, but it did happen and now there is nothing that can stop me and no turning back.  If you get a chance to do this you will not regret it.  Ellen is so professional and compassionate and you know you are not alone any more when she is on your team.  Thank you so much Ellen"

- Deborah G.,  Mt Barker, South Australia