Be-YOU-tiful Wellness

  YOU can create positive, permanent change

I want to take you on a journey of discovery with a glimpse into the past.  With focus and vision you may reveal a new picture of your life.  Sometimes these journeys can bring clarity to a foggy picture.  Be taken back in time through memory, visualisation and imagination and see the possibility.

Does this sound appealing to you?  If the thought of traveling back through time resonates with you I would love to hear from you and we could discuss this further.  Allow the sound of my voice draw you into a deeper level of understanding mind, body and soul.

The feeling of grasping the idea that you have lived multiple lives and tapping into those experiences can be very uplifting.  Get in touch and take the journey of self discovery.  Slip through time and tap into past memories and experiences.

Imagine, being carried away on a journey of self discovery that could show you why you have some feelings you have no answer for.  Why does a certain image resonate a certain way with you but you don't have a conscious reason for the effect.  If I could help you tune into your history would that sound interesting to you?  Do you believe it could help you feel more secure knowing the journey you are currently on is one in a chain of journeys and you can make contact with your past experiences and journeys whenever you want.

It is not uncommon to go back in time and see many of your loved ones in this lifetime have also had previous lifetimes with you.

Why not make it a fun night in with friends

Get together with a group of 3 or more friends and experience a journey like no other.

Past Life Regression can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever know.

All you need is an open mind and a comfortable place to sit or lay for an hour or so and I will help you travel through time and memory to where you need to be.

I say 'need to be' because your subconscious will take you to where it feels is best for you at that particular time.

I'm sure you have seen stories of people who say they were noble this or royal that but I can tell you now, from experience, those are truly rare situations.  More commonly, people tend to be an every day person in an every day situation.  Nevertheless though it can still be an incredible thing to find out who you were previously. 

On many occasions it can bring clarity to this life.  Some people have been given answers to questions that have plagued them in this lifetime that nobody else has been able to answer.  For others it becomes more a journey of self discovery and can be very humbling.  For myself it was very emotional and answered a lot of questions.

You will want a pen and paper nearby so that when you come back to the present I will give you a few minutes to just absorb what you have just discovered but then you will want to write and write and write.  You will want to search the internet.  You may even have more questions than before.

But, more than anything, I think you will be amazed and hooked.

Many become what I jokingly refer to as my 'Frequent Flyers' of the Spiritual Kind.

When you can sit down in the quiet and fully immerse yourself in your memories of what you have experienced and witnessed and then have those visions, feelings, memories, confirmed by fact, it is then you will have your 'aha' moment and want to know more.

If, by chance, you don't get very far on our first night, don't think that you can't do it, or you won't succeed. Some people have had a tougher life this time around and society is all about strangling our energy and spiritual side or making anything unusual seem evil so it can be difficult, sometimes, to fully let go and allow your defences to come down.

Hypnosis and Guided Visualisation are completely natural states to be in and absolutely harmless.  You can not get stuck anywhere and you can not get hurt.

I signed an Oath that I would do no harm and I honour that Oath and always have your best wishes at heart.  If a journey becomes too much for you all you need to do is open your eyes and I will work with you to come back to present day and we will talk about what happened.

Some have found the images can be confronting.  We will discuss that as well.

The main and very important thing that we will discuss is that it is very much like watching a TV show.  One that you are really into.  It really holds your attention and your every fibre 'feels' what is happening.  That is what PLR is like.  You know what is happening, you feel and sense all the emotions.  But you are at a distance.  So, at the time of your death in that past lifetime, you know you are dying, you know there are generally emotions involved, you know there are loved ones around, but there is no physical pain, nothing that you need to be afraid of.  You may have a 'sense' of yes, I got stabbed, or I had a heart attack, or I got sick.  So you will 'know' what it was like when you died but it isn't happening to you now and in this time.

Your physical body will be 100% safe, still relaxed in the same room and in the present time.

Booking an In Home Session

Unlike one on one sessions the in home Past Life Sessions are $35 per person paid on the night either with cash or card.

There must be a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 10

You will need somewhere comfortable and safe for everyone to be able to sit or lay down.

Because the body is so relaxed your body temperature will lower so it is advisable to have a blanket just to lay over yourself and perhaps a cushion or pillow, depending, of course, on whether you are sitting or laying.

It is always better not to have these shows too late in the evening because if you or your guests have had a very busy day there is every chance we will hear snoring.  I'm sure nobody wants to pay $35 to miss out on all the fun.

You need to let your guests know to wear comfortable clothing and, if they have contact lenses, to please take them out and put glasses on if possible.  It's just because the less things that irritate the body the better their chances at a successful session and the more enjoyable the experience.

Those really are the most important points for the evening.  The rest is up to how everyone is feeling.  

All I ask is that everyone have an open mind and are willing to have an enjoyable evening and it should all fall into place with some wonderful stories at the end of the night.

I am excited to hear from you all and look forward to helping you on your journey.