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Hypnosis is a deep relaxation state where the Client feels comfortable and secure, and can accept information that is being fed into the subconscious mind directly. It is a state between waking and sleeping where the patient can feel physical sensations and yet be aware of external impressions. You can even see as well as hear and still be in a state of hypnosis. Therapy success depends on the teamwork between the patient and the therapist.

Can everybody be hypnotised?

Yes. Hypnosis is an entirely natural state of mind which everyone goes through on the way from waking to sleeping. As you relax down into sleep, the thinking part of the mind becomes unconscious first; after a short period of time, the instinctive part of the mind also becomes unconscious. For that short period of time you are in a hypnotic state of mind. The hypnotherapist can help you to attain this state, and can control the depth of relaxation within that state. If you wish to be hypnotised you can be; but nobody can ever be hypnotised against their will.

What can hypnosis treat?

Treatment can be divided into four types;

  1. Compulsive behaviour and habits. Under this general heading are such problems as nailbiting, stuttering, smoking, overeating, gambling and many more.

  1. Nervous and neurosis problems. These include anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, nervous asthma, shyness, all sorts of phobias and most neurotic behaviour.

  1. Ego boost. Included in this group are self confidence, memory retention and concentration exercises, self hypnosis, relaxation techniques and all the training methods for self improvement.

  1. Physical. Painless childbirth, general and local pain control. Mental attitudes to illness may be modified to promote healing and allow the mind to be actively involved in promoting well being of the body. The big advantage here being that healing is promoted rapidly and is unhampered by drugs.

How safe is hypnosis?

A qualified hypnotherapist has the professional training to know how hypnosis should be employed as well as when it should (or shouldn't) be used. Your hypnotherapist's qualifications are your assurance of safety. You will never say or do anything under hypnosis that you would not say or do when fully awake. You can wake yourself up at any time you wish - the hypnotic state is maintained by mutual cooperation between you and your hypnotherapist.

What does it feel like under hypnosis?

In the subconscious or hypnotised state, there is virtually no change in mental awareness but nearly always physical changes (due to relaxation of the parasympathetic system) so that you may feel relaxed, warm, heavy, cool, sinking, floating or even simply secure. You may hear what the hypnotherapist is saying, and you can think of other things whilst in a hypnotic state of mind; in fact you are suspended between wakefulness and sleep.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis.  I am simply the guide on your very own journey to healing.

Together we can work as a team and bring about the changes you seek.

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