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More coming soon.............. I will be creating my own scripts and downloadable audio files.  But, for now, please help yourself to the following links 

Over the years I have come into contact with many specialists and trainers in the self help and therapy arena.  Most have their own online presence and I would love to share as many as possible with you.    I do not own any of these pages and, therefore, can not guarantee the quality or content on the pages. I share their sites because I have found them to be incredibly useful over the years.   

Take time to follow some of the links and see what is in it for you.  What can help or benefit you.  You may find something to help a friend or loved one as well.

Have you tried Audible yet?

This is my GO-TO app when I have trouble sleeping or I'm travelling and want to learn something or just be entertained.

The sheer volume of categories and audio books is absolutely mind blowing!  

Pop on over and grab your two free audiobooks today and get started.  You won't be sorry ;) 

The Australian Success Academy

If you, or anyone you know, would like to learn self hypnosis this is the group for you.

A powerhouse Australian team with incredible passion.  Shane and Jess Fozard, creators of the Australian Success Academy, travel the country bringing training workshops and fun filled weekends to major capitals.

If , after you have completed the Hypnosis training workshops you decide you are interested in helping others, perhaps even working on your own issues,  then the intensive ASM 1 & 2, on the Gold Coast, are a GOLD MINE of information and therapy.

Invest in your mental and emotional health and, in the process, learn how you can help those around you. 

The training doesn't just stop there either.   When you complete any course with the Australian Success Academy you then have the opportunity to become part of an extended family full of information, support and encouragement.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza is an incredible human being who will take your thinking to an entirely new level. Clicking on any of these items will take you to Dr. Dispenza's web site where you can view other items and read up on his incredible way of thinking and teaching you on ways to change your mind and the way you think.  Well worth the visit. 

Zen 12

If you understand and appreciate the importance of meditation in this busy world then this site is for you.  They often have special offers and free downloads. A very tranquil, pleasant site to visit.

Subliminal Guru

Many people understand the power of self hypnosis and would much rather work at home at a time more convenient to them.  This group have a selection of MP3 files that you may find of help. 

Subliminal 360 

I think we all understand the power of advertising.

Subliminal messaging works on the same premise. 

The messages are being imported into your subconscious while you continue to go about your every day routine.

Some people believe in the power of subliminal messaging and others don't.  I think every person absorbs information in their own way.

This group give you 5 FREE MP3's when you sign up.

Click on the image to download your FREE MP3 file

An absolutely incredible variety of files.